Item Information: Striders
Item Striders
Worn by the greatest runners in the history of Man, these Striders allow the wearer to increase their speed significantly as long as they focus on running. Any other action will break the focus.

This item contains a passive Movement Speed bonus which does not stack with itself or with Marchers, Steamboots, Plated Greaves, Ghost Marchers or Post Haste.

Passive Bonuses: +50 Movement Speed

When out of combat for 6 seconds, increases movespeed by 100 over the next 2 seconds.

Bonus movespeed is removed when the owner takes damage, casts a spell, attacks, or uses an item.

Using Wards, Bottle, Mana, or Health Potions will not remove the bonus speed.
Value: 800 G
Recipe Information: Striders
Item Striders

Item Marchers Marchers

500 G

Item Striders Striders

300 G

Total Cost:

800 G