Item Information: Frostburn
Item Frostburn
On attack, applies Chilled to target.

This item contains an Attack Modifier. Attack modifiers are exclusive and do not stack with other attack modifiers.

This item can be disassembled.

This item's Movement Speed multiplier does not stack with itself, Geometer's Bane or Firebrand.
Passive Bonuses: +16 Strength
+16 Agility
+10 Damage
+20 Attack Speed
+14/0% Movement Speed
Attack: Applies Chilled to target for 3.5 seconds if wielded by a melee hero, or 2 seconds if wielded by a ranged hero. Adds one charge per application. Maximum of 5 charges.

Chilled Effects
5% Movement Slow per charge
Value: 4,400 G
Recipe Information: Frostburn
Item Frostburn

Item Firebrand Firebrand

2,200 G

Item Icebrand Icebrand

2,200 G

Total Cost:

4,400 G