Hero Information: Chronos
Chronos Hellbourne
The greatest inventors of the Human Legion dreamed of making an army of machine warriors to spare humans the bloody cost of war. Only one was ever created, for no one could ever find a way to quicken him. When the Hellbourne fed a stolen soul into its mechanical shell, they brought the Chronos to life and gained the benefit of this artificial monster's mastery over time itself.

Chronos is generally considered the most powerful carry.

Primary Attribute: Agility
Strength: 23
Agility: 21
Intelligence: 15
Type: Melee
Damage: 58-64
Attack Range: 128
Attacks/sec: 0.71
Move Speed: 300
Strength/level: 1.4
Agility/level: 2.65
Intelligence/level: 1.5
Armor: 3.94
Damage Reduction: 19%
Magic Armor: 5.5
Magic Damage Reduction: 25%
Skills: Time Leap (Skill) Time Leap
Rewind (Skill) Rewind
Curse of Ages (Skill) Curse of Ages
Chronofield (Skill) Chronofield
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