Item Information: Blood Chalice
Item Blood Chalice
Fashioned by a forgotten haemomancer eons ago, the Blood Chalice drains one's vitality and converts it to pure magical energy. Only the audacious soul dare make this contract!
Passive Bonuses: +3 Intelligence

+3 Strength
+2 Health Regeneration

Activation: Self
Range: 0
Cast Time: 0 seconds
Mana Cost: 0 mana
Cooldown: 25 seconds
On use, removes 150 health and grants 150 mana.

If an enemy hero within 700 AOE is killed before 15 seconds after use, the user is healed back the initial 150 health cost.
Value: 650 G
Recipe Information: Blood Chalice
Item Blood Chalice

Item Mark of the Novice Mark of the Novice

150 G

Item Crushing Claws Crushing Claws

150 G

Item Trinket of Restoration Trinket of Restoration

350 G

Total Cost:

650 G