Skill Information: Air Strike (Skill)
Air Strike (Skill) Bombardier
Bombardier calls his assistant Twitch to fly over and drop a series of bombs in a line. He's a bit lazy, so it takes 2 seconds for Twitch to arrive.
Action: Target Vector
Type: Enemy Units
Damage Type: Magic
Range: 99,999
Radius: 1,100
Cast Time: 0.6 seconds
Cost: 200 / 300 / 400 mana
Cooldown: 140.0 / 120.0 / 100.0 Seconds
Level: 6 / 11 / 16
Activation: Calls in an Air Strike at target vector location that after 2 seconds drops 6 bombs along the vector, each dealing 200 / 275 / 350 Magic damage in a 200 radius.

Twitch gives 1000 day and night vision when he is on the map.

This ability can be boosted by Staff of the Master.

Staff Effect: Bombs leave behind Napalm that deals {60,90,120} Magic damage per second for 5 seconds.