Item Information: Abyssal Skull
Item Abyssal Skull
Applies an aura to all nearby allies. Life Steal only works on melee units. The mana regeneration aura and armor aura do not stack with Ring of the Teacher or Nome's Wisdom.

Since this item's Life Steal properties are applied via an aura, it does not count as an exclusive attack modifier.
Passive Bonuses: Abyssal Skull
Radius: 900
Ally Units
+15% Base Damage
15% Lifesteal
+0.8 Mana Regeneration
+5 Armor
Value: 2,050 G
Recipe Information: Abyssal Skull
Item Abyssal Skull

Item Hungry Spirit Hungry Spirit

900 G

Item Trinket of Restoration Trinket of Restoration

350 G

Item Ring of the Teacher Ring of the Teacher

500 G

Item Abyssal Skull Abyssal Skull

300 G

Total Cost:

2,050 G